How do I get started?

Call me at 917-524-7951 or send me a message to schedule an initial consultation appointment.  This will give us an opportunity to talk in more detail about what you are seeking from therapy and how we would work together.  In this way we can determine whether we are a good fit for each other.

Do you accept insurance?

I do no accept health insurance directly.  But if your insurance provides out-of-network coverage, you can be reimbursed for our appointments by your insurance company.  If you do not know whether you have out-of-network coverage, call your insurance and ask about your benefits.  Ask about your annual deductible and the percentage they will reimburse.  I can assist you in this process if you have questions.

How long do appointments last and how often will we meet?

Appointments are 50 minutes and I generally recommend meeting weekly.  At the start, this allows me to get to know you and the details about what is bringing you to therapy.  It also allows us to work at a pace where we can build on new insights and address issues as they come up in your week while you are still in touch with the emotions and have not forgotten important details.

Sometimes people are concerned about the investment of time or money in therapy.  I am sensitive to these concerns and am flexible in meeting people where they are.  However, if the choice is, for example, between meeting once a week for 6 months versus once every two weeks for 12 months, usually I would recommend meeting more often for a shorter amount of time.  Meeting less frequently is preferable in later stages.

How long will this process take?

Therapy can be short or long term depending on your needs and goals.  At the start, we will identify what you want to work on and how we can accomplish those goals.  Some people choose therapy short term to work on a specific issue that is troubling them.  Others choose therapy on a longer term basis to address multiple issues and/or goals for self development.