I provide individual therapy for adults and adolescents.  My expertise is in Psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavioral orientations and I integrate Mindfulness as well.  However, my approach with each person is unique to their particular needs.  I help individuals pay attention to thoughts and feelings with less judgment, develop insight into their behavior, and learn skills to manage symptoms causing distress.

I work with couples, especially on issues of communication and intimacy.  My focus is on helping them handle differences in ways that can enhance their relationship and reduce conflict.  Couples will learn to develop their awareness of unconscious patterns of relating that may be detrimental to their relationship.  I support them in finding new ways to engage with each other that are more satisfying.

I offer clinical supervision and consultation to practicing mental health professionals.  My approach is collegial, regardless of your level of experience.  I seek to create an environment that is open and compassionate so that supervisees may develop greater self awareness as well as their clinical skills.  I am available for weekly supervision as well as individual consultations.

Please contact me if you have questions or want to set up an appointment.